I love this title

I’ve resolved to incorporate Gutenberg in to my daily workflow, with limitation to this website to start. Giving crayons to someone learning to draw is one thing, putting this in to the hands of hashtag disorientated editors is another … it will all be fine.

So … hello to the new WordPress editor & hello to you all as well.

my very 1st animated gif – circa ’97

I am Anthony.

I build, develop and create web things online based on ideas that people, clients and many others have. Sometimes they’re just ideas that turn in Most times, these things work, while with others, it’s yet another learning experience.

How can one learn something new without any working experience? In theory, it all sounds good, put in to practise, apply to tactics, things become a different matter.

Gutenberg is to become my new friend to add to many existing page builder friends.

Try not to take this website too seriously – it’s simply a sandbox for testing WordPress, Gutenberg and the on-slaught of plugins that will cater to this way of doing things.

Good luck & Guten-tag!