Pods 2.5.1 Maintenance Release

UPDATE: We have released a very minor update, version It fixes an issue that was causing the Pods logo in the admin menu from displaying properly.

We have released the minor update Pods 2.5.1 that fixes several minor issues, including one which created a fatal error for those using PHP 5.2. This update is recommended for all users. The new version, which is fully tested with WordPress 4.1, is available via our WordPress.org page and the plugin update screen in the WordPress dashboard.

If you were affected by the issue which created a fatal error for those using PHP 5.2, please accept our apologies. While we remain committed to supporting PHP 5.2, that version of PHP reached its end of life four years ago, and with PHP 5.3 now unsupported for 4 months, we continue to recommend that all users run at least PHP 5.4 (but PHP 5.5+ would be even better and faster). While it was an unfortunate issue, it did bring to light the fact that many people are unaware that they are running outdated versions of PHP. We hope that the silver lining in this issue produced more secure sites with PHP updated.

This version of Pods also fixes issues related to ordering attachments in a multi-select video/image/file field, minor CSS issues in our UI, error reporting on AJAX actions, and an incorrect version check that was causing a deprecated core function to run, when it was supposed to prevent it from running.

In addition, this release fixes an issue where PodsAPI::delete_field() was not deleting fields in some usages. That fix was created by a first time contributor Casey Picker. We appreciate community contributions to Pods and Pull requests are always welcome via our GitHub repository.

For full details on what has changed, please see the changelog in our readme.txt.