Pods Maintenance Release 2.6.7

Pods 2.6.7We are releasing Pods Maintenance Release 2.6.7 today which includes multiple behind the scenes fixes for various areas. Some highlights:

  • Fixed the {@permalink} magic tag not working for Taxonomy (and should now properly work for extended Users and Comments as well.
  • Fixed a REST API issue with get_handler requests.
  • Addressed and corrected many issues with WPML Compatibility. We interfaced directly with the WPML team who did their own testing to confirm compatibility with their plugin.

If you are a user of Pods and WPML or PolyLang, please keep testing and getting those bug reports and suggestions into us. As always you can read the entire Change Log for Pods at the WordPress.org Repository.

Pods Maintenance Release 2.6.6, Pods Alternative Cache 2.0, Pods SEO 2.0, and Pods Gravity Forms 1.1


We are releasing Pods 2.6.6, with compatibility added for Polylang, fixes and additional improvements for Pods REST API support, and multiple other fixes and improvements. Some highlights for this release:

  • Polylang Compatibility: With many thanks to the efforts of Jory Hogeveen for driving this update into Pods, we now have full compatibility with Polylang translation plugin. We will be putting together a quick ‘best practices and functionality’ document for using Polylang with Pods, but in a nutshell these fixes allow your relationship fields and taxonomy terms to be properly translated and connected in Polylang. There will be additional updates coming shortly for ‘label’ translation for Custom Post Types & Taxonomy and added functionality for WPML.
  • REST API Updates & Improvements: Thanks to Derrick Hammer for adding support to Pods REST API for extended WP objects (Users, Media & Comments) and fixing multiple nuisance items for this update.
  • Auto Templates now with “Filter Overrides”: Thanks to Josh Pollock for adding this new functionality to our Pods Templates/Auto Templates. By default, Auto Templates works only with the_content filter, pushing a Pods Template before or after that particular filter in your theme. You now have the ability to override this filter for single detail, archive or taxonomy archives (available for each individual Pod under Edit Pods, Auto Templates tab). This will be very helpful for archive templates, because they often use the_excerpt instead of the_content. This should also be very helpful for folks working with Genesis theme or WooCommerce filters.

As always you can read the entire changelog for this release at: https://wordpress.org/plugins/pods/changelog/

Pods Alternative Cache 2.0

We have released a cleanup and refactoring of the Pods Alternative Cache code with further support for WPEngine and using objects.

Pods SEO 2.0

Pods SEO now supports the new SEO Analysis JS-based code in Yoast WordPress SEO. All Text, Paragraph, and WYSIWYG fields are included in the analysis. You can edit individual fields to exclude them within the Advanced options tab of each field.

Pods Gravity Forms 1.1

Pods Gravity Forms has received many fixes, in addition to the ability to edit items using the new filter pods_gf_addon_edit_id and returning the item ID you are editing on the given Pod you have mapped for a feed.

Milestone: 400k+ Downloads & 40k+ Active Installs, plus a limited-time celebration!


We’ve just passed a major milestone with active installations this month AND another major milestone for total downloads today!

This month we hit 40,000+ active installations, based on data reported by WordPress.org.

And then today, just before 4pm CT, we hit a milestone 400,000+ total downloads of our plugin from our WordPress.org Plugin page!

Celebrating our milestone by supporting Free Software Foundation / GNU

To celebrate this tremendous achievement we are offering a very limited time special deal to the next three Friends of Pods (Bronze or higher) to help support continued Pods growth in 2016!

If you are in the next three friends to join (Bronze or higher), we will send you one free item from the Free Software Foundation shop (your pick, up to $30 in value) and ship it to the location of your choice.

Help support Pods growth as well as support the Free Software Foundation with this limited time offer — Become a Friend of Pods today »

UPDATE: June 13th, 2016 — We are also now offering the same deal above for three additional shops including: WordPress swag, GitHub swag, and Altassian (BitBucket, etc) swag.

More announcements are coming this month

Stay tuned for additional announcements this month, we’ve got lots in store for the dedicated community that powers our project. 🙂