Pods 2.5.2 Maintenance Release

Today, we are releasing Pods 2.5.2, with fixes like improved UI and help bubbles, Pods compatibility with the Github updater plugin, and more. We recommend every user to update to this release. This update is available on WordPress.org at this time and is tested with WordPress 4.2. This is a maintenance release with most of the fixes happening on the code side, but you may notice some cool UI/help bubble fixes as well.

With WordPress 4.2, terms are now split the next time you save them, if they were previously shared between multiple taxonomies. This allows for some cool features in the future from WordPress core like Taxonomy meta. We have added hooks that integrate with the term splitting action and ensure that all of your relationships are updated in every place.

This release includes important bugs fixes, including an issue where taxonomies associated with post type Pods could not be fetched with Pods::field() and therefore magic tags. We also fixed a bug preventing the template editor from working on certain server configurations, and an issue that would cause all JSON API endpoints to 404 on Pods update.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this release, and every Pods release. Still having problems? Please submit a ticket to the support forums. If you found a bug in the code (and maybe even fixed it), submit an issue or a pull request to our Github repo.