Taking JetPack for a spin

Interested to see how WordPress¬†JetPack affects website performance in addition to ease of use with WordPress’ mobile and desktop app.

Writing via the desktop app which offers a clean, simple UI.

Sidebar provides you with quick access to categories, tags, featured image and a few more options.

Features liking so far:

  • Connecting to social media services such as Twitter¬†(link here to see how this post turned out!), Facebook and others for auto-posting.
  • Fast user interface on the desktop app (plan to test mobile app later!)
  • Security – still trying to understand how this all works.

Someone is yakking at me about a multi-million dollar house in LA they want to see, have to go.


Don’t forget your Dashicons when building custom post types in WordPress

Baked in to WordPress goodness, we find Dashicons that can be used in custom post types
So if you’re using something like Pods framework for CPT, then a sample Menu Icon would be ‘dashicons-groups’.
Here’s a quick tutorial for setting up Pods Custom Menu Icon
So, this is being posted via email with Postie plugin – testing also to see if hyperlinks in this email work as well.