Help Us Grow Introducing Friends of Pods

We are very proud to be able to serve the WordPress community by providing and supporting Pods, and a growing list of additional plugins for free. We couldn’t do this without the generous support of our sponsor Automattic and the kind donations of our most devout users. But we also know that we have not been able to deliver on every promise we set out to.

Our funding from sponsors and donors only goes as far as keeping our support team going, but when it comes to everything from improving our website, documentation, tutorials, code, Pods related plugins, and integrations — we don’t have enough ongoing funding to keep all of those moving forward together.

That is why starting today, we are launching a new innovative program to improve how we fund Pods while keeping all of our plugins and support 100% free. We’d like to introduce you to Friends of Pods. Through this program we will be rewarding “Friends” who support us through monthly recurring donations with a set of perks and rewards, like bonus discounts on many great WordPress products. Friends can choose additional rewards every six months, which are provided by our great Rewards Partners.

Why Are We Doing This?

Currently a large part of our budget comes from private development by one of our full time developers. While this helps “keep the lights on” and has lead to many Pods improvements and several open source plugins, it also consumes a whole developer’s full amount of time and focus. Our goal through Friends of Pods, is to limit our private development work going forward and focus more on Pods core, related plugins, integrations, and something we’re very excited to put more attention to — Migrations from other plugins and content management systems.

This will also free up developer time to work on Pods 3.0, create new Pods plugins and improve our documentation. We may also be able to grow our team with additional developers to focus on more things.

In case you haven’t seen our GitHub issues, we’ve got 129 features, 247 enhancements, and countless other modifications that users, developers, and ourselves have requested. That doesn’t mean Pods will grow exponentially, but our codebase can continue to evolve and enable us to do more with our related plugins, dive into features you’ve never seen done in WordPress or plugins before.

Through Friends of Pods, we will grow both in terms of improving the code and strengthening our community. We also plan on adding a “Pods Development Partners” to the Friends of Pods site soon as well as other cool tools to help our friends grow with Pods.

How Does It Work and What Can You Get?

The Friends of Pods model is simple. You subscribe to a monthly membership level that works for you financially, and every six months you’ll be able to choose new rewards. Want to know what special rewards you can get? Head on over to our Friends of Pods website to find out!

Friends at the Gold level will receive three free tickets to our next PodsCamp, your team gets our newly designed Elite backer shirts, plus other exclusive perks offered by our partners.

By becoming a friend, your generosity will be acknowledged on our site, and you can feel free to use the Friends of Pods logo on your site to show your potential clients that you have a special relationship with Pods. You are helping keep Pods healthy and growing, and not only keep our support rolling for the thousands of sites using it, but you’re also making a difference in an area that can really use even more innovation than we’ve brought so far.

Not Able To Commit To A Monthly Contribution?

We understand that not everyone is able to commit to a monthly contribution and there is no shame in that. There are plenty of other ways that you can help us grow.

From contributing code to Pods itself, spreading the word about Pods by writing about how it helped you with a WordPress project, or even creating Pods related plugins — there are a lot of great ways to help out. We will of course also continue to accept one-time donations of any size.

Help Us Grow

We are very excited about Friends of Pods and hope it will help us make the WordPress ecosystem stronger. In addition we are willing to advise any other open source projects that wish to follow our model and provide a detailed analysis of how it’s performed after it’s first few months and an additional follow-up after a year in action.

So today, we ask you to think about what Pods has given you — how it’s saved you time and and money. We ask you to think about how much you value ensuring that a completely free, professionally developed and supported tool like Pods continue and join us, so we can all grow together.