Milestone: 400k+ Downloads & 40k+ Active Installs, plus a limited-time celebration!


We’ve just passed a major milestone with active installations this month AND another major milestone for total downloads today!

This month we hit 40,000+ active installations, based on data reported by

And then today, just before 4pm CT, we hit a milestone 400,000+ total downloads of our plugin from our Plugin page!

Celebrating our milestone by supporting Free Software Foundation / GNU

To celebrate this tremendous achievement we are offering a very limited time special deal to the next three Friends of Pods (Bronze or higher) to help support continued Pods growth in 2016!

If you are in the next three friends to join (Bronze or higher), we will send you one free item from the Free Software Foundation shop (your pick, up to $30 in value) and ship it to the location of your choice.

Help support Pods growth as well as support the Free Software Foundation with this limited time offer — Become a Friend of Pods today »

UPDATE: June 13th, 2016 — We are also now offering the same deal above for three additional shops including: WordPress swag, GitHub swag, and Altassian (BitBucket, etc) swag.

More announcements are coming this month

Stay tuned for additional announcements this month, we’ve got lots in store for the dedicated community that powers our project. 🙂