Pods Maintenance Release 2.6.8

Pods Maintenance Release 2.6.8

We are releasing Pods Maintenance Release patch 2.6.8 today with several behind the scenes bug fixes and improvements along with a new WordPress Gallery output option for Image fields. The video below explains how to access this feature for your new (or existing) Image Fields.

As always you can read the full text of what was included in this release at our Pods Changelog at the WordPress Repository.

Featured Updates from our Gold Partners

We’d like to take the time to highlight some recent updates from our friends over at OptinMonster. If you haven’t checked out their product before, it’s a very powerful robust way to build sign-ups and conversions for your website. It interfaces quite seamlessly with WordPress but also works on standalone sites and has quite a few flexible ways to place your promotions exactly where you want, including factoring in Custom Post Types & Taxonomies, so it works well alongside Pods. Some of the new features they’ve added are:

  • Geo-Location Targeting: In addition to their recent addition of targeting by TimeZone, you can now target your promotions directly by the visitors Geo-Location. This makes it incredibly powerful for region specific specials. You can read all about it in their blog post on this release, which also included Smart Success Themes, Transferring Optins between accounts and many more features.
  • New vs. Return Visitor Detection: This powerful feature allows you to customize which optins are shown to people when they first drop in and to those who use your website regularly. This release also included AdBlock detection (helpful for letting people know that they’re getting ‘less’ of your site with the Adblock on) and support for the new MailChimp API 3.0. You can read all about these features on their blog as well.

As a special added bonus to our regular Pods users, Aaron Eaton, Lead Developer at OptinMonster, provided us a coupon for 10% off the regular plan. Just use save10 as the coupon code when you sign-up for one of their plans. Want to save 20%? Become a Friends of Pods at the Bronze or higher level and you can choose OptinMonster as your perk and get 20% off any of their plans. That way you can help Pods Grow, too 😉

Pods Maintenance Release 2.6.6, Pods Alternative Cache 2.0, Pods SEO 2.0, and Pods Gravity Forms 1.1


We are releasing Pods 2.6.6, with compatibility added for Polylang, fixes and additional improvements for Pods REST API support, and multiple other fixes and improvements. Some highlights for this release:

  • Polylang Compatibility: With many thanks to the efforts of Jory Hogeveen for driving this update into Pods, we now have full compatibility with Polylang translation plugin. We will be putting together a quick ‘best practices and functionality’ document for using Polylang with Pods, but in a nutshell these fixes allow your relationship fields and taxonomy terms to be properly translated and connected in Polylang. There will be additional updates coming shortly for ‘label’ translation for Custom Post Types & Taxonomy and added functionality for WPML.
  • REST API Updates & Improvements: Thanks to Derrick Hammer for adding support to Pods REST API for extended WP objects (Users, Media & Comments) and fixing multiple nuisance items for this update.
  • Auto Templates now with “Filter Overrides”: Thanks to Josh Pollock for adding this new functionality to our Pods Templates/Auto Templates. By default, Auto Templates works only with the_content filter, pushing a Pods Template before or after that particular filter in your theme. You now have the ability to override this filter for single detail, archive or taxonomy archives (available for each individual Pod under Edit Pods, Auto Templates tab). This will be very helpful for archive templates, because they often use the_excerpt instead of the_content. This should also be very helpful for folks working with Genesis theme or WooCommerce filters.

As always you can read the entire changelog for this release at: https://wordpress.org/plugins/pods/changelog/

Pods Alternative Cache 2.0

We have released a cleanup and refactoring of the Pods Alternative Cache code with further support for WPEngine and using objects.

Pods SEO 2.0

Pods SEO now supports the new SEO Analysis JS-based code in Yoast WordPress SEO. All Text, Paragraph, and WYSIWYG fields are included in the analysis. You can edit individual fields to exclude them within the Advanced options tab of each field.

Pods Gravity Forms 1.1

Pods Gravity Forms has received many fixes, in addition to the ability to edit items using the new filter pods_gf_addon_edit_id and returning the item ID you are editing on the given Pod you have mapped for a feed.

Pods Maintenance Release

We are releasing Pods (along with overnight and 2.6.5 yesterday afternoon) which include fixes to the problem with Pods not clearing cache upon updating (actually included in 2.6.4). This particular issue had been impacting folks displaying Custom Taxonomy after updating Pods, which was easily fixed by Clearing the Pods Cache after updating. We’ve incorporated the Cache clearing properly into the Pods Update process so this should no longer be an issue.

2.6.5 includes fixes to Polylang Compatibility with Pods provided by @JoryHogeveen. Many thanks to him for helping us remain compatible with this excellent multilingual plugin.

2.6.5 also includes a fix for Pods names that had underscores in them inadvertently changing to hyphens upon saving or making changes to the Pod. This bug was introduced into the wild with Patch 2.6.3 to fix an issue with hyphenated names changing to underscores. We are very grateful to our GitHub users @lkraav and @remkocalf for helping us track down and isolate these two issues. We seriously appreciate our loyal Pods Community being so diligent with reporting any bugs to our GitHub repository so we can track down the problems and correct them quickly. was released overnight to address a problem with seeing the Additional Field Options when editing a pod field. was released this morning to address a Polylang compatibility issue which could cause a Fatal error on some sites running both Pods and Polylang.

If you are on 2.6.3, please make sure you update to in order to fix any underscore to hyphenation naming issues. It is recommended you only use underscores in your Pods name to comply with WordPress Naming Conventions in Coding Standards, but we know several plugins out there create Custom Post Types and Taxonomy that do not follow these rules and patch 2.6.5 makes sure we don’t break any work you’ve done with Pods and those particular Custom Post Types or Taxonomy.

It wasn’t our intention to have so many maintenance releases back-to-back but we believe our users matter more than our pride. We wanted these issues squashed and dealt with quickly and out to you immediately.

As always you can read the entire Change Log for Pods at the WordPress.org Repository.