Hugo Site Generator

What is Hugo?

The claim is that Hugo is:

The world’s fastest framework for building websites

SImply put, it’s an open-source static site generator.

What I love about this

There is no monkey business with plugins, add-ons, themes, updates, security and more.

Simply start writing in your favorite text editor, save and live-reload at play.

A couple of items are at play here:

  • no host, using GitHub pages to serve out this website.
  • No database connected, not required.
  • Static HTML website using Hugo.

Set up a new website

Install Hugo

Create new site

hugo new site sitename

Start local Hugo server

hugo server

Create New Post

hugo new posts/

Taxonomy - Category & Tags

If you’re using YAM:, simply add the following to your posts

- hugo
- hugo
tags: ["hugo"]

Make it pretty URL

url: "go-hugo-go"




Hugo Basic Usage

Publish to GitHub

This is fun as you can create a bash script to automate the build and upload to Git.

In general, here is are quick steps:

  1. Clone your git repo
  2. Create a sub-module for directory ‘public’
  3. build
  4. push to origin